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One magician's life in Minnesota Learn more at:<br>Reading Motivation Magic Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its a school assembly that encourages reading. <br><br><strong>  "Not only did your magic keep the student’s attention for 45 minutes, but your program reinforced the importance and fun of reading.”</strong><br> – <strong>Steven A. Wermund, Principal – G.D. Jones School, Wausau, WI</strong>

Making Magic in Minnesota is Fun!


At Calvary Church in the Arden Hills location for a family night.

It is fun to be a Minnesota Magician. I get to visit so many neat places and meet so many great people.


Magic shows are fun for cub scouts. I had several Blue and Gold Banquets this month. The scouts work so hard to earn all their advancements and badges. This is the ball that floats during the show. It gets them wondering.


Here is some goofing around at a show at a school. It is “I Love to Read Month” and I am quite busy with those shows at schools. Next week I have 7 “Magic of Reading” shows booked at schools in MN. They enjoy having a fun Magic show and also a Minnesota Author visit.

Norm in St paul sch 2013

This was a very fun audience at a school in St. Paul. I love to hear the laughter and encourage children to get excited about reading and doing their best in school.

I do lots of programs for  schools, company picnics, family parties and church family nights (and also V.B.S.)

Its Magic and Fun for everyone!

check out

Please call with your program ideas and I will consult with you to see if what I offer would work well for your group.

magic is fun. Minneapolis Magician – Mr. Norm

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February – I Love to Read Month

I love to read and I learned most of my magic tricks from reading books.  I have over 400 books in my library on the the art of magic.

I worked several schools already this month to promote reading and literacy with my  motivational reading magic show.  I have toured this program throughout the country over the past 29 years motivating young readers to get excited about the library.


A recent show was enjoyed by 5th graders and one of the teachers sent me this. It expands on the value of reading to young children.

“Whenever an adult reads to a child, three important things are happening simultaneously and painlessly: (1) a pleasure connection is being made between child and book, (2) both parent and child are learning something from the book they’re sharing, and (3) the adult is pouring sounds and syllables called words into the child’s ear.”

– Jim Trelease, The Read Aloud Handbook


After my show I also read from my new novel – sort of a Nancy Drew, Mystery type story with comedy added throughout.  It was fun to write. She said the 5th graders were very enthusiastic about the story.


For more about this Minneapolis Magician and how a magic of Reading show can add fun to your school event or I love to Read Month check out

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Two Days of Motivating Young Readers

The past two days have been enjoyable as I had the opportunity to bring my reading magic show to nearly 550 students at a local school. The audiences were very attentive and laughed a lot. Many teachers came up after and offered their thanks for the reading emphasis and the expressed their appreciation for the quality of the comedy and magic tricks.

I was asked to incorporate the special message; Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Safe.  I enoy tailoring the program to fit a theme and this was one I had presented before.

We want to encourage and motivate students to do their best in school and get excited about reading.  I love being a magician in Minnesota and having the opportunity to bring magic with a message to people’s lives.

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Minneapolis Magician and MN Author at Maple Grove School

Today was a fun day with an appearance to promote reading at a Maple Grove School.The students were very attentive and laughed as I got them excited about going to the library.  The show includes many references to books and how they help in learning about hobbies, interests and jobs. I have presented this show to students in all 50 states over the past 25 years.  It is a dynamic magic show that motivates young readers.  I will return to this school tomorrow and present two more programs.

Yes, I love to entertain for corporate clients and present my comedy magic for after dinner programs. However it is my passion to encourage young readers.  They need to get excited about reading, because reading is the key to success in all their subjects at school.

Books by Minnesota Author

As a Minnesota Author I enjoy motivating kids to check out the books on all topics at their library. My books can be found at: MagicBooks.

I presented two of my magic instructional DVDs to the school library. I also donated one of my books to the Library of this school.Each school that invites me to do a presentation gets one of my books at no cost and also receives two of my DVDs for their media center.

The librarian and staff were very pleased with the show. Learn more at my web site:

If you would like references on my reading magic show or if you would like to hire a magician, just call. I’d love to explain how I can bring my motivatiional message to your school.

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