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One magician's life in Minnesota Learn more at:<br>Reading Motivation Magic Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its a school assembly that encourages reading. <br><br><strong>  "Not only did your magic keep the student’s attention for 45 minutes, but your program reinforced the importance and fun of reading.”</strong><br> – <strong>Steven A. Wermund, Principal – G.D. Jones School, Wausau, WI</strong>

Minnesota Entertainment at the 2022 Scott County Fair

Jordan, Minnesota is the home to the Scott County Fair. It is a wonderful 5 days in July that will thrill your family with a wide variety of activities and attractions. This year the fair runs July 27-31. Bring the family to see the stunt juggler from Kansas City and Mr. Norm the comedy magician from Minnesota.
Crazy Stunt Juggler at the Scott County Fair!

Your family and friends will have a blast at the Scot County fair this summer. There will be many awesome bands from Rock to Country and even some Polka!

Crazy stunts with Kansas City Juggler at the Scott County Fair!
Comedy Magician at the Scott County Fair July 27-30
Awesome Tribute to Johnny Cash at the Scott County Fair in 2022
Enjoy the wonderful tunes of Slamabama at the Scott County Fair.
Your family will enjoy see the variety of animals at the Scott County Fair.
Dazzling juggling and crazy stunts with the Scott County Fair Juggler
Enjoy the Classic Car Show at the Scott County Fair.

Minnesota Magic show for county fairs.
Enjoy Comedy and Magic at this summer’s Scott County Fair.

Sever’s Fall Festival – Comedy Magician

Minneapolis Comedy Magician to entertain at Sever’s Fall Festival

Don’t blink your eyes.- or you’ll miss the comical Magic of Mr. Norm. This fun filled magic show will entertain all ages at Sever’s this Fall on the weekends. You’ll be seeing some funny things as Mr. Norm does the Incredible Hat Trick, the Mysterious ball and the Hoops of Wonder.

It is interactive comedy magic that will even make grandpa sit up and take notice. Teens think it is amazing and bring the kids, they’ll like it too!

It’s Magical Fun for Everyone!

Minnesota Magician brings fun to Sever's Fall Festival in 2022
Sever’s Fall Festival Entertainment features Comedy Magic with Mr. Norm

Click here to see Sever’s Website…

Sever's Corn Maze
Here is a sample of one a previous year’s Maze at Sever’s Fall Festival.

You and your family will have fun at Sever’s Corn Maze. It is an experience you will not forget as you attempt to get through the huge puzzle. It’s wonderful fun for all ages.

“Great job … Fabulous entertainment … highly engaging shows.”

Diane Kline – Radio Disney
Fun on the Farm Magic Show in MN
Comedy Fun on the Farm Magic show brings laughs along with tricks using Milk, Eggs, tractors and other farm items.

“Norm’s Magic is great. We’ll invite him back.”
Ron Oleheiser – Secretary – Itasca County Fair, Grand Rapids, MN
​(6 years of presenting shows here)

Please come to Sever’s this Fall for family fun with Magic Norm.


Minnesota Family Magician Brings Smiles to School

“Norm the magician entertained our preschool and school age children this morning! They absolutely loved him, as did the staff. He had every child participate and they were all in awe! I highly recommend Norm to entertain children and/or adults at any gathering! Funny, professional, an hour long show of great entertainment. I am still amazed at his tricks! Love his humor! Thank you Norm!” Amy Jewett of Treehouse Childcare in Hanover, MN.

Also on this review were these clicks… Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The above 5 star Google review is so encouraging. My goal as an entertainer and Minnesota Magician is to bring lots of laughs to school events. The preschool above also had students that were in school age child care during the summer and all ages from 2-10 years old were engaged. This was my 5th time bringing comedy magic to the Treehouse School.

The Minnesota Magician brings laughter and smiles with amazing magic tricks.

Magician in Minnesota for Schools brings Laughter and Fun.

This Fun and Fascinating Family Magician in Minneapolis brings fun to hundreds of events each year.

My goal is to make everyone feel special and a part of the show. All the kids get to participate in some way during this fun magic show.

The audience gets to see many fast paced and funny magic tricks. This presentation can be adapted to fit all ages. Young children in pre-school laugh and giggle. I also do comedy magic for Jr. Highs and High Schools…. It is magical fun for everyone.

I really enjoy hearing the awwws of wonder and all the laughter.

It is a fun school magic show.

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Family Magician in Minneapolis Entertains at Parties for all ages.

Comedy Magic Guy Mr. Norm enjoys bringing fun to parties and events.

Magician in Minnesota for family and children parties brings comedy to special events. The children feel extra special as the magician helps them to become the stars of the magic show.

Many schools over the years have brought this amazing magician to their groups.

Learn more at the website for the Twin Cities Magician Mr. Norm…

Minnesota comedy magician for schools and special events is author of 15 books in libraries across the world….

Invited to bring comedy magic to groups across the US and around the world…

Magician for schools and special events in Minnesota.
Magician in Minnesota presents comedy tricks across Egypt twice for 2 and half week tours at schools and special events. Magic entertainment brings fun to all events and family parties ion Minneapolis and St. Paul area. It is family entertainment for parties and family gatherings in Minnesota.

Magician for Festivals in Minnesota

It is fun to be a comedy magician at festivals in Minnesota.

It has been a joy to present comedy magic shows each day at the Minnesota State Fair. We do 4 – 5 shows a day and enjoy bringing some smiles to the crowds.

Here we are doing magic for some teen ages between the magic shows at the MN State Fair.
On stage as the crowd starts to grow at the Minnesota State Fair Magic show. I bring magic and fun between the band’s performances. There is a different band every day and so I get to enjoy some top music.

“Norm’s Magic has been a delight here at the fair for the past 8 years. He draws big crowds and it is amazing magic and lots of laughs too! I can’t recommend him enough.” – Doug Peterson – Stage Manager.

Magician in Minnesota

Comedy Magic entertainment is fun for parties, banquets and festivals in Minneapolis.

Learn more at Minneapolis Magician website –

Magician at Minnesota State Fair
Comedy Magician at the Minnesota State Fair for 8 years. Our fun magic show is coming back again this summer 2021 to the MN State Fair.
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Having some fun with the MN Vikings

Today was a very fun outreach at the U of M Children’s Hospital. The MN Vikings mascot Victor as well as several players come to greet the children. I was enjoying bringing some magic to the children too. I enjoy seeing their smiling faces and hope this brightens their day a bit.

Find out more about comedy magic shows in Minneapolis at


Minnesota Vikings and Magic Norm at a benefit show.




These big guys like magic tricks too!


I fouind this post today and it was some how in the draft area so – Well we will publish it now…

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Library hosts Comedy Magician in Spring Valley, MN

That’s me – the Comedy Magician at the Library in Spring Valley, MN.  This was my 10th or so appearance at this library in the past 28 years!  it was fun to be back and I was thrilled to see the big turnout.

Spring Valley 2015 cropWeb  1 (13)

Magic shows for children in Minnesota are fun!

This is a shot of my little act that is a tribute to Red Skelton and Stan Laurel.  It is a silent comedy act that the families at the Spring Valley Library enjoyed this summer as a part of the Summer Reading Program. The theme was music and reading so I brought the musical magic show with all sorts of comedy and fun.

Spring Valley 2015 Crop web chicken(227)

it is a delight to hear the children’s laughter. After the show many parents came over and expressed how much fun they had.  Magic is for all ages and I love to see the smiles..

Spring Valley 2015 cards across crop (207)

When you need a fun magic show in Minnesota for your company picnic or family event – please check my site:

It is fun to bring the Musical Magical Magician Show to schools, festivals and of course libraries. It is my joy to bring a show that grabs kids attention and encourages reading.

Find out more about Mr. Norm and the magic fun show at the website above.

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Magic for Annual Banquet

The Ideal Credit Union just changed their name from Postal Credit Union. I was happy to be invited to their annual banquet for the members.

Here is what the President of the Credit Union wrote:

“Norm is a talented entertainer for audiences of all ages. He engages the crowd and invites them to be part of the show. Norm was a huge hit at our 2014 Annual Meeting, and we look forward to having him back at future events.”

Brian Sherrick


Ideal Credit Union

Postal Credit Union Ideal Imagemail

The Ideal Credit Union has a great staff with friendly people who help people with their financial needs.  I had a car loan through this group years ago and they were great to work with.  I think they hired me for this event because someone here saw me perform some place else.

I present these blogs not to brag, but to show that when you hire me to present comedy and magic for your banquet you will receive a high quality program and your guests will be glad they came.

There are many magicians in Minnesota and I am honored when groups select me. I strive to do my best to make events memorable, fun and unique.  I enjoy hearing the laughter that the comedy and magic show brings.

Have a wonderful day and I hope the best for you.

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Magical Mia at the Rondo Library in St. Paul, MN

Mia St Paul  ROndo 2014

The kids enjoyed the amazing magic show at the St. Paul Library.

Librarian wrote”wonderful Magical Mia at our library. SHe is awesome. The kids loved her. SHe is mysterious and her music sets the stage for the magic.”


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Comedy Magician Promotes Reading at the Rogers, MN Library

The Hennepin County Library in Rogers, MN had the comedy magic show with Mr. Norm this past week.

The kids giggled and laughed all through the show and that is music to my ears.  The librarians gave it very good reviews and I just love to promote reading and gets kids excited about checking out books.

The show involves the children throughout as they wave their fingers to make the tricks happen or they are invited to participate by tossing invisible specs of magic dust to help make the tricks work. They also enjoy coming up to help make the magic happen. One child even wears the hat and magic cape and makes the invisibility trick happen.  It is a fun and funny magic show that encourages young readers.

Reading is so helpful to the development of the children’s abilities and makes them better students when Fall comes.


She made the red, white and blue hankies disappear with a wave of the wand.


Then she assembles them in the newspaper cone and… ta-dah! Out comes the flag. Take advantage of your Freedom of the Press and go to the library and read, read, read!

Check out for our page on the Reading Magic Show that schools and libraries have enjoyed for over 25 years. This show has toured throughout the U.S. in every state and has appeared in thousands of schools to encourage reading.  Magic is fun and Reading is Fun-damental!



The kids are helping to make magic happen and the magician is surprised at what is going on. Comedy is the result of this magical situation.


It is fun to hear all the laughter at the shows and then after see the kids checking out tons of books!

When you need a magician in Minneapolis or a Magic show in the Twin Cities please consider the magic of Mr. Norm. Experienced, Enthusiastic and Professional!

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