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One magician's life in Minnesota Learn more at:<br>Reading Motivation Magic Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its a school assembly that encourages reading. <br><br><strong>  "Not only did your magic keep the student’s attention for 45 minutes, but your program reinforced the importance and fun of reading.”</strong><br> – <strong>Steven A. Wermund, Principal – G.D. Jones School, Wausau, WI</strong>

County Fair Magician in Minnesota

Magic and fun for county fairs – It s Farmer Norm.

Comedy Magic and Fun with Farmer Norm’s magic show for county fairs in Minnesota.

Its magic and fun for everyone when Farmer Norm brings his silly tricks and fun to audiences at county fairs. With over 30 years of experience as a comedy magician this show amazes all ages with unique magic tricks using items found around the farm such as milk, eggs, corm and fun props. It’s a salute to agriculture presented through comedy magic.

“We had Norm entertain and we were extremely pleased. His personality and talents delighted our Kid’s Day Grandstand I would heartily recommend him.”

– Todd Hale, Manager of Entertainment – Steele County Fair, Owatonna, MN

Mr Norm says, “I enjoyed entertaining at this fair 10 times over the past 20 years. The grandstand show was especially fun. 400-500 people would turn out for this program. Families and even grandparents came to the programs. We also did shows on the grounds on the smaller stages throughout the week of the fair. I love to see the smiles and hear the laughter.”

Its Magic at the Stevens County Fair in Morris, MN. That comedy magician Mr. Norm brings Comedy and fun and even a snowman in the summer!
 This is a fun magic show for county fairs that promotes agriculture.
The Magical appearing popcorn trick brings laughs and fun to the fair. This is a fun magic show for county fairs that promotes agriculture. Each trick encourages kids to see how agriculture impacts their lives. in a positive way.

“Norm’s Magic is terrific. Fast moving & entertaining.” Andy – Assistant Director – Racine County Fair Racine, WI

Minnesota County Fair Magician entertains and brings fun farm facts to fairs every summer.

Mr. Norm’s Comedy and Fun Salute to Agriculture at County Fairs

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Magician for Festivals in Minnesota

It is fun to be a comedy magician at festivals in Minnesota.

It has been a joy to present comedy magic shows each day at the Minnesota State Fair. We do 4 – 5 shows a day and enjoy bringing some smiles to the crowds.

Here we are doing magic for some teen ages between the magic shows at the MN State Fair.
On stage as the crowd starts to grow at the Minnesota State Fair Magic show. I bring magic and fun between the band’s performances. There is a different band every day and so I get to enjoy some top music.

“Norm’s Magic has been a delight here at the fair for the past 8 years. He draws big crowds and it is amazing magic and lots of laughs too! I can’t recommend him enough.” – Doug Peterson – Stage Manager.

Magician in Minnesota

Comedy Magic entertainment is fun for parties, banquets and festivals in Minneapolis.

Learn more at Minneapolis Magician website –

Magician at Minnesota State Fair
Comedy Magician at the Minnesota State Fair for 8 years. Our fun magic show is coming back again this summer 2021 to the MN State Fair.
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Busy Magical Weekend

Holiday shows can keep a magician running this time of year.  There are many fun magicians in MN and they bring laughter to special events and Company Parties. I enjoy hearing the laughter.

Yesterday (Sunday) I had four programs in St. Paul for Teen aged groups (FUN!) and on Saturday I once again entertained the families at Toro.

Then I jetted off to the Airport for my 6th year doing the Pilors for Kids program at Delta.  That is a fun show. Goldie the U of MN Gopher came up and helped to a trick in the show. And the Viking’s Victor sat right next to the show and helped with many tricks.

It is fun to hear the laughter and I am glad that so many groups invite me back year after year.


Please check out 

Maybe I can bring some comedy and magic to your next event in MN. Family Holiday Parties are fun with Magic entertainment.

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Comedy & Magic Show at Rutger’s Resort


Magic Show for Families at Rutger’s Bay Lodge Resort in Minnesota.

It was fun to bring the comedy magic show to Rutger’s Resort for the 4th year.  They have a lovely banquet hall that is turned into a theater for this family magic show.

I have made 3 appearances this summer at this resort.for various events. The kids and parents always give such nice comments after.IMG_5496


Rutger’s Resort is set in a beautiful setting along the pristine Bay Lake near Brainerd, MN.


It is fun to be a Minnesota Magician and hear the laughter that comedy magic brings.

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Chicago – A Five Year Old Visits the BOZO TV Show

Chicago – A Five Year Old Visits the BOZO TV Show     By Norm Barnhart – This column first appeared in W.C.A. International Magazine.

It was a very special and sunny day in May 1963. Mom came to school and took me out early. We were going to see the BOZO show! My younger brother Scott was in the car raring to go!  Growing up in Chicago, I had seen BOZO the Clown on TV many times, but today we were leaving Kindergarten early to go see BOZO in person.  WOW!!

The windows were down and ride in the car breezed by as we went through the neighborhoods and busy streets to the WGN studios. My little brother and I clutched our mother’s hand as she rushed us across long streets of traffic.

At the tall building we were escorted in to a large room with a very high ceiling, along with the crowd of excited kids and nicely dressed parents.  We quietly and expectantly stood on the side of the sound stage and waited to be seated.  I remember looking at all the colorful props with wonder. There on the floor next to me was something I saw on TV many times, it was the row of painted pails that the kids tossed bean bags into for prizes. Scanning across the area there were some other odd looking props and items on colorful tables.

Then I saw him! Yes it was him! The pastel blue outfit and the bright red hair!  BOZO!  He was standing and talking low voices with some important looking guys in grey suits.

Bozo3 bozo4 bozo5   bozo 7 bozo 9

The line suddenly started to move, and we crowded toward our seats in the brightly lit hall. We were ushered into the bleachers that faced a large performance space with tall curtains.   What would BOZO do today we all anxiously wondered.  Huge cameras whirled about and everyone applauded as BOZO took center stage. The room was buzzing with laughing and excited kids enjoying seeing BOZO and his friends do some skits and bits.

For years BOZO was the number one, most famous clown in America. (At least in my mind.) But I think he was the top banana because TV did what the circus ring could not do. It gave fame to this comical clown legend. I was looking over a souvenir book from the Ringing show in 1976 today and the clown’s names are not mentioned. I see pictures in the program of clown greats, Barry Lubin and Leon McBride, but they remain nameless to the circus fans who read the program and as a result these fantastic clowns could not become household names the way a TV clown like BOZO could.

Then there was the BOZO merchandise. Milk mugs and coloring books and Bozo dolls kept this guy in the limelight of clown superstar.

Back to 1963… The guy standing next to the camera told us to applaud. We did, the show started.  We were on the air. The cameras panned the audience and we waved and applauded. We were also on TV! Yes TV, an amazing and magical way of sending pictures through space. This was the golden age of live television.

The show was a whirl of excitement. A couple kids were invited to participate, and the games were played. We cheered the winners. There were a couple skits with BOZO and his friends. A funny juggler came out and did a turn.

There were commercial breaks, as this show was done live. Suddenly the lights dimmed.  Way too soon it was all over and we were leaving. Down the steps of the bleachers we carefully stepped and then across the set toward the tall velvet curtains. It was done and over too quick. As we filed by the large curtain, we suddenly found ourselves walking right up to Bozo! He shook my hand. Wow, he was tall!

Something about the show did not seem right.  I saw it on TV so many times and this was a very cool visit to see BOZO, yet in person it seemed a bit distant. BOZO was closer in my living room on TV. He looked us in the eyes through the TV and talked right to us.  It is a bit like watching major league baseball live at the stadiumbozo2.  The players are so far away, yet on TV it all seems closer to the action.

It is hard for a youngster to understand TV production, but I now realize that everything was played to the cameras. The skit was behind a table and Bozo and his friend were looking at the camera and not playing to the live audience.

Bozo’s popularity was astounding.  The show grew and went into many cities. There were many franchised Bozos around the country so that each mBozo10ajor city had their own Bozo making promotional visits. The name BOZO went on to moving cartoons. There were Bozo toys and games. Bozo was famous! And then came the pejorative political term “Bozo,” as in, “The opponents to my view on this issue are a bunch of Bozos.” Like Houdini, Bozo was a household name, unlike any other clown up to that point.

Bozo was my earliest inspiration to want to be funny!  Bozo brought days of laughter to my little brother and I.  Bozo had a huge impact on this guy when he was five years old.

Thank you Bozo!

There were several players who played Bozo the Clown. This includes, Larry Harmon, Frank Avruch, Bob Bell and Joey D;Auria.  I believe the Bozo I met was played by Bob Bell.


Norm B is a comic magician who performs mostly in Minnesota and Wisconsin. He has performed in all fifty states and five other country and is a best-selling children’s book author.   He brings comedy magic to corporate adult events as well as for family audiences at schools, fairs, scouts, birthdays and special events.

Norm’s children’s magic show is perfect for birthday parties.

Magic is fun!

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Magic and M.C. at Convention


M.C. Norm with Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Jay at a convention in Canada.


At a Convention in Winnipeg with my daughter. I did M.C. at three of the shows and at one program the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were on the program with a flag ceremony. Very cool. In fact it was quite chilly. But the people in Canada are very warm.

Magic adds fun to family events as well as corporate banquets and parties. Please learn more about comedy entertainment in Minneapolis at this site

I love to bring comedy to special events. I like being a Magician in Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

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Norm is Invited to Teach at an Entertainer’s Convention at Sea

Entertainers need to sharpen their acts and add comedy to their shows and so they look for ways to build their skills. One such method is while traveling at Sea. Yes, I’ve been invited to teach on a Caribbean cruise that is focused on creativity and performance art for magicians and family entertainers. I will speak and teach about creativity for entertainers and comedy writing. This should be a fun experience. My goal is to encourage others to be creative and add comedy to their act.

The goal of an entertainer is to fun and unique. I hope to share techniques for adding comedy to their act as well as how to make their performances lively and extra special. Here is the bio they are using about my creativity with magic and comedy workshop.

Norm has been a full time entertainer for over 28 years bringing comedy and magic to schools, festivals and corporate banquets in all 50 states and 6 other countries. His approach to creativity is infectious and Stormin’ Norman will help you discover your inner BrainStorm that is waiting to be released!

He is a best selling children’s book author with over 100,000 books sold. They can be found in libraries all over the world. Norm’s inventions and routines have appeared in many entertainer’s magazines such as Laugh Makers, Funny Paper, Linking Ring, World Clown Association, Genii and MAGIC Magazines. His character, “The Amazing Normondo the Great” act has appeared at many Magician’s and entertainer’s conventions. In 2007 he won first place at America’s Funniest Magician Contest in Las Vegas.

He was presented with the Bob Gibbons Excellence in Family Entertainment Award in 2012 at a convention of entertainers in Connecticut. He likes pie.

Magician in Minnesota
I have presented magic on cruise ships before and find it fun.

This past November I entertained at a convention of Magicians in Boston and also lectured on comedy magic for family and kid shows. In the class I taught several of my original routines. The workshop was well received and the convention booked said it was a great addition to their convention. The evening show featured Comic Magician Scott Alexander who did very well on America’s Got Talent as well as Levent a famous Comedy magician who specializes in Cruise Ship entertaining.

Norm is a magician in Minnesota and can be reached through

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Magic Show in St. Paul, MN at Magic Shop

Magic Show in St. Paul, MN at Magic SHop

July 12, 2012 at 7:00 Comedy Magic Show in St. Paul. Call the Twin Cities Magic and Costume Store for details. This is a very nice theater at the St. Paul Magic shop. This is a very special magic show featuring magician Mike Madden.

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Thank You for the Nice Review

This past weekend was a fun one. The Home Depot invited me to do my magic for their staff at the annual Holiday Party.

I entertained with strolling magic and then did an after dinner stand up comedy magic show.  The laughter was a joy to hear and many guests commented after the show on how much fun they had. Several mentioned that they really liked that it was a clean comedy show.

The party planner who invited me was Shantel and she wrote a nice note of reference after the show. “Norm was Amazing. He made our company holiday party a blast! We will have him again!”

I would love to bring comedy and magic to your next holiday party, awards banquet or special event.

Please check out

Your staff deserves a time of laughter and team building and comedy is a great way to bring people together and build a positive atmosphere.  You will enjoy a Magician in Minneapolis at your next corporate meeting.

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The Best in Minnesota Comedy & Corporate Entertainment

I enjoy helping people with ideas for their parties.

Often I  can help you get the best regular and clean comedians, as well as improvisational comedians for corporate banquets and special events.


My team can help you find the right entertainment at the right price. We also have excellent family and children entertainment for parties, schools and festivals. Face Painters, Balloon twisters, Clowns, jugglers, fire eaters, it is all a blast! Your guests will be amazed. We Create Memorable Children’s Parties.


We can help arrange for an excellent caterer that will dazzle and delight your guests.  If you are planning a party we can help.


We offer party planning services that will add pizzazz to your party. From fancy to down home bar-b-que we bring it all.


From Mitzvahs to Weddings. From Festivals to College events. One call gets them all!


Hours of Operation 8AM-8PM phone calls taken.

The Best in Minnesota Comedy Corporate Entertainment.