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Students bring a Magic Show to their Parents and Peers

It was fun to bring magic to several students at a community ed after school class. The had three weeks of learning the art of magic and comedy. We covered how to present the magic as well as how to make it funny and entertaining with the theatrical side.
At the end of the final class the students did a magic show for the parents and other after School Kid’s Club students.  It was fun and thMAGICIAN Wabasha 11e students did such a good job making the tricks entertaining and fun for their audience.
The director just wrote this nice note about the Family Comedy Magic show in Minnesota.
“Norm, Thanks a ton for doing that class…….You did an exceptional job.  The poise that those kids had was fantastic.  You definitely put something into those kids that was evident in their performing.  Thanks.”  – Barry Hindt – Community Ed Director
Magic shows in Minnesota are fun and it is neat to see the young magicians ply their trade on a enthusiastic audience.  More at
Please check out how comedy magic can bring fun to yourspecial events in Minneapolis, St. Paul and throughout Minnesota.
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Family Entertainment in MN at Gophers Football Tailgate event.

It was fun to bring Magic and comedy to the Gopher’s tailgate Party at the Shriners, U of M. Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis this past weekend.  Hundreds of people came out for a nice and tasty breakfast catered by Dimonicos.


It is fun to see the smiles that a comedy magic illusion brings to kids and parents.

Magical  fun is for everyone and it is fun to see the amazed looks on the children’s faces.

This event had the wonderful face painters from A Touch of Magic.


There was also cake walk, photos, and dancing fun at this wonderful family


Minneapolis Magician at the Children’s Hospital U.of M.

Minneapolis Magician – Mr. Norm brings comedy to the kids at the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.  More at


This Minnesota Magician entertained with Goldie the Gopher at the Tailgate Party before the big game! Go Gophers.

Magic shows can brighten a family party or company picnic.  Bring a bit of amazement to your next party with this Minneapolis Comedy Entertainer.

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Farmer’s Market Magic in Minnesota


The kids come and go throughout the evening at the Nokomis Farmer’s Market and enjoy a bit of comedy magic. This Minneapolis Market has a nice variety of yummy things from ice cream to rhubarb.  

        “Norm was great to have as a part of our market. He easily adapted to our particular setting and crowd, and we are looking forward to having him back.”

– Alex – Director of Farmer’s Market


It is fun to bring laughter and smiles to kids of all ages.
I also picked up some great deals of Beets and green Beans. Super Yummy!
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Magical Fun for Everyone at Children’s Hospital

children Hosp with Steph

Steph as been at Children’s Hospital for years and just loves serving the kids.

Tom and Steph sent this nice note after my most recent magic show for the children at the hospital.

“Norm is awesome!  We have enjoyed his incredible talent for over 18 years.  The kids and families enjoy the positive program he provides.”

ch hosp

This is one of the very cool art pieces at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul.

magic and fun for everyone can be discovered at

It is fun to bringing smiles to kid’s faces and hearing the laughter.

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Magician in Minneapolis

Ethan is a very fun young guy magician who stopped by the MN State Fair to say hello.  He is slick with the cards and we enjoyed doing a few tricks for each other and talking magic between the shows.  He will have good success as a magician as he cares about entertaining and not just impressing.  I look forward to our next visit.

state fair 2016 with ethan

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Minnesota Magician Entertains at the MN State Fair

This year I just finished up 2 days of performances at the Great Minnesota Get together – Our wonderful State Fair.  It originally set up and scheduled for 6 shows and yet I added quite a bit of walk around magic for the crowds between the shows.

There were so many people who wanted to see some magic and add come comedy to their day. Between shows I did some magic for several teens.  Nice guys!

staie fair with kids


state fair 2016 with ethan

Here is a magician from Minnesota Named Ethan who popped by the shows at the State Fair.  He showed me a few card tricks.  Very talented guy.   HE said he liked my sleight of hand.  Its all about making people happy and making some magic in Minnesota.


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Minnesota Magician Brings a bit of fun to Children’s Hospital

This year I am celebrating over 20 years of visiting the Children’s Hospital in St. Paul.  the families like the comedy and magic show and it gives them a laugh or two during their stay at the hospital.

The Child Life Zone was really expanded and creatively put together with the support of Teammates for Kids Foundation.

Childrens hosp 2016 garth

Garth Brooks and Try Aikman  developed this wonderful charity called Teammates for Kids.   They helped put together this large and friendly area for kids at the Children’s Hospital in St Paul.  They have centers like this is 10 other cities. Childrens hosp with Tom 2016

Tom is one of the Child Life Directors at Children’s Hospital.  I have worked with him for 18 years here.  He is a great guy and such a gentle person with the kids.

Childrens hosp 2016

Magic Tricks and fun with the Amazing Comedy Stamp Collecting Trick.

The kids like the stamp collecting trick… Each page of the book is shown empty and then the children each grab a stamp from some place around the world.  They all participate as they toss the invisible stamps toward the book. Suddenly it is filled with colorful stamps as if by Magic.  The kids are the stars of the show as they make the magic happen.

More can be discovered about this fun magic show at

Magic is fun.

You can bring magic and comedy to your parties and special events in The Twin Cities and around Minnesota.

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The Comedy Magic Never Stops

Its that Minnesota Magician at the Menomonie Library bringing fun to all ages.  It is fun to see the adults crack up at the antics as much as the kids to. Everyone needs a laugh break once in a while.


Here is that Minnesota Magician – Mr. Norm bringing some comedy with the Amazing Rope Illusion from India.  This is always a crowd pleasing magic trick and gets them giggling and having fun.  

This fun show encourages children to get excited about going to the library and reading during the summer. Kids who read during the summer are ready for school when it starts in the Fall.


Jodi the Children’s Librarian here wrote…

“Norm’s show was great! He really knows how to captivate an audience with his incredible magic and quick wit!” – Menomonie WI – Librarian

Reading is Fun!

Have fun read a book. You can learn how to do magic tricks or cook a new treat. Reading is fun for learning about hobbies, jobs and other interests.  You can learn so much at the library.  Check out more at and discover how to bring this fun presentation to your school or library.

Encouraging reading has been Mr. Norm’s quest and passion for over 28 years. He has traveled all over the USA bringing exciting Reading programs to the students. His show has appeared at over 4,000 schools. Even the Jr High and High School students enjoy the show.




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Stevens County Fair Magician 2016

Magic shows are fun and the families at the Stevens County Fair had a blast with the comedy magician from Minnesota, Mr. Norm.

snow 7

If your group is planning a special event for families, please consider the comedy and mystery that Mr. Norm brings.  He is an original creative artist with many magic inventions that provide surprises and gasps of wonder.

A magic show should have amazing tricks that and it should also have the element of comedy that gets the audiences laughing and keeps them entertained throughout.

Learn more at:  This is the spot for entertainment in Minnesota for county fairs, festivals, churches and company parties.





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All ages enjoy Minnesota Magician

It is fun to be a Magician in Minnesota. Recently many high schools have had their graduation lock in events.  It has been a lot of fun.


Some of the crowd at the Apple Valley High School – a great bunch of students.

The Chair of the Apple Valley Lock in wrote “Thanks for a great show!! It was a huge hit.” 

The night before over at Coon Rapids High School Kim the Co – Chair wrote a nice note that said: “Norm was amazing! We have had him come to our senior all night party for the last 3 years and each year it has been very entertaining. Thank You!”  


I love to bring laughter and amazement to high school students and I also enjoy doing corporate parties for adults and family parties for all ages.

Magic shows are fun and my programs have taken me to all fifty stages over the past 28 years.  Last year I performed at a convention in Hong Kong and the year before in England and India.  However I mostly do my comedy programs within 2 hours of the Twin cities.  It is fun to hear the reaction and every show is different because the volunteers from the audience make it special and unique.

When you are looking for fun and comedy for special events in Minnesota please check out the above web address.


Norm entertains with comedy and Magic at University of MN in Duluth last week.



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