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Veteran’s Camp in MN – Resort Magic Show

Vets Camp 2017 1


It is fun to hear laughter and see all the smiles that a comedy magic show brings.  This photo is at the Veteran’s Camp north of White Bear Lake, MN They had never had a magician before and seemed to really enjoy the interactive comedy magic.


The Entertainment Director Susan L wrote:  “Can’t thank you enough for putting on such a terrific show at the Veteran’s Camp. Not only are you a great magician but a truly great guy!”   – Well, that is so sweet. – I just like to make people laugh and bring some joy.


PLease take a moment and learn more at

She sent the pictures and also went on to write… “You can see on their faces, including adults, how much fun they were having.  I believe it will be one of those unforgettable memories they take home from the Vets Camp.”

Vteran camp 2017 2

She is waving the wand and about to make something disappear!!! It’s Magic!   Magic shows are fun for kids in Minnesota. 

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Five Things I love about Minnesota

The Trees – Majestic and rich greens.


flower blog 2017 (3)


The Lakes – Calming and cool.

flower blog 2017 (12)

The Flowers – Many lovely varieties. flower blog 2017 (18)flower blog 2017 (19)

flower blog 2017 (1)

All of the above photos I took today.  What else to I like about Minnesota???


The sky filled with summer clouds.


The People  – My family, my daughter, my friends and the wonderful families I meet at my shows.

Grandparents day 2010 015

My wonderful daughter and Super Dog !!!!



I get to perform at so many family parties and events.  It is great!

Lots to be thankful for in Minnesota.

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Rochester MN Rochester-fest!

It is so fun to bring laughs and smiles to audiences across Minnesota with the family friendly comedy magician shows.  Here is a snap shot from Rochesterfest.  The committee said the program was excellent.  IO am glad to hear the positive reviews of the fun entertainment in Rochester.

IOK Pic Rochesterfest 10290

Magicians in Minnesota bring life to the party ad this magic show was well received at Rochesterfest in Rochester, MN.  Please learn more about this fun family entertainment at

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Magic Circus Entertains in Plymouth MN

It is Magic and fun for everyone when the Magic Circus comes to town.  This week the families at a Plymouth, MN church enjoyed the  antics of this fun show.

Circus Lord of life 20172

It is fun to see the smiles and hear the laughter that comes from the Magical Circus show.

Recently we brought the comedy Circus magic show to Plymouth to Lord of Life Church for their end of the year kid’s choir program.  It was so much fun and the kids giggled and laughed throughout. Many parents and the church staff came by after to say how much they enjoyed it.


All the volunteers get a unique balloon creation. this Minneapolis Magician brings lots of smiles.


The Crazy water trick with three volunteer acrobats.

Magic shows by this Minneapolis magician are fun and this crazy show involves the kids in all shows.  Bring the comedy Magic Circus to your event… learn more at:



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Magician in Minneapolis at Family Events

Its Comedy and Magic for all with the funny Minneapolis Magician!

This was an all adult audience except for this one young magic fan who helped in all the magicians acts.  He was a great actor, naturally talented and a fun audience volunteer.  Here we are posing after the show with super hero pose for the instant Cash Machine trick that I invented n do regularly in my act.

Magic shows are so much fun and Minnesota has many great magicians you will enjoy.

With Theater in the Round

At Theater in the Round after the Sunday Night Magic Event last month.  So fun and got to perform again with the wonderful Suzanne the Magician (who fooled Penn & Teller on National TV)  A great night of comedy magic and fun.

Sunday Night Magic is a fun show with many local and national acts.

Sunday Night Magic ge

Magic show line up – Mr. Norm, Noah Sonie, Suzanne the Magician and MagicBrad

More about this monthly Sunday Night Magic Show in Minneapolis at their Facebook site…


More on Minneapolis Magician at


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Minnesota is a Magical Place!

I love to make people laugh and doing parties for companies or birthdays is fun!  It is so fun to see the parents enjoy the tricks the kids are doing.  With a fun magic show the Kids become the stars of the show.  SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Learn more about a fun comedy magic show for special events with Mr. Norm


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Delta Pilots share Magic with the Children

Once again the Delta Pilots for Kids program had a wonderful fantasy Flight for the children at the MSP airport.  It is a fun way for them to give back to the community and they put on a super party.

This was my 7th year bringing my comical Magical Show to the event.



Magic is fun for everyone.


Learn more at



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Magic Shows in Minneapolis

Many magicians have performed in Minneapolis. The great Houdini was one who performed here many times. Blackstone the Great and Thurston also filled the downtown Minneapolis theaters.

I remember seeing Blackstone Jr. perform at the lovely Orpheum Theater to a packed house and it was fantastic.  He floated a light bulb above the audience and brought laughter as he vanished a small birdcage while a dozen children touched it right up to the moment it disappeared.


On the 100th anniversary of his Father Harry Blackstone’s birth Blackstone Jr. donated the original floating light bulb to the Smithsonian.  This bulb was designed by Thomas Edison.


Watch Harry Blackstone present the Vanish Bird Cage here…


Magic is fascinating and makes the mind wonder.  This is a great way to get our minds creative juices flowing as we try to figure out how the amazing stunts are done.

More magic shows in Minnesota


Magic is fun for young and old alike.

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Magic in Minnesota for Teens & Families

I had fun bringing comedy magic to a High School Banquet in Minnesota recently.  One teacher left this review.

***** (five stars) “So much fun! This comedy magic show had me smiling until about 5 minutes in and then he truly cracked me up. I laughed until I cried- so nice to have good clean fun. I highly recommend Him.”  –   Chris Y. H.S. Music Teacher at High School Senior Banquet.


Magic is so much fun for teens and adults.  It makes the mind wonder  and brings lots of laughs.



The next time you are planning a party for teens or family audiences please consider my comedy magic entertainment in Minneapolis.






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Students bring a Magic Show to their Parents and Peers

It was fun to bring magic to several students at a community ed after school class. The had three weeks of learning the art of magic and comedy. We covered how to present the magic as well as how to make it funny and entertaining with the theatrical side.
At the end of the final class the students did a magic show for the parents and other after School Kid’s Club students.  It was fun and thMAGICIAN Wabasha 11e students did such a good job making the tricks entertaining and fun for their audience.
The director just wrote this nice note about the Family Comedy Magic show in Minnesota.
“Norm, Thanks a ton for doing that class…….You did an exceptional job.  The poise that those kids had was fantastic.  You definitely put something into those kids that was evident in their performing.  Thanks.”  – Barry Hindt – Community Ed Director
Magic shows in Minnesota are fun and it is neat to see the young magicians ply their trade on a enthusiastic audience.  More at
Please check out how comedy magic can bring fun to yourspecial events in Minneapolis, St. Paul and throughout Minnesota.
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