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Minneapolis Magician in India

It was fun to entertain various audiences across southern India in November.  THe weather was warm and the people were very warm and kind.  We did programs at colleges, High Schools, Elementary and Even a few little ones.

I enjoyed doing 51 shows in 3 weeks. It was tiring but the crowds laughed so much at the comedy and also oohed at the magic tricks and that kept me energized.

INdia nov 192017 (14)

The magic show was very well received and we were given many favorable letters inviting us back again.


INdia nov 192017 (28)

It was fun to do magic and comedy for the younger grades too.

INdia nov 192017 (51)

There are about 250 students up in that balcony too  – they told me about 1400 college students attended this show.  It was a very fun audience and there was deafening laughter at times.

If you need a magic show in Minnesota please call your Minneapolis Magician –

INdia nov 192017 (68)

Here is Solomonraj along with the College’s headmaster and myself and on the right Justin Raj the Famous magician from Chennai. Justin also did some magic and about 10 of my programs it was very fun and I enjoy him so much.  He stayed at my home in MN a year ago and entertained friends here.

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Amazing Science Program for Schools in Minnesota

Science is amazing and this fast paced, fun and fascinating school assembly program is perfect for elementary school audiences in Minnesota and Wisconsin.


Professor Norman encourages kids to form a hypothesis before a demonstration in the Amazing Science Assembly Show for Schools

Professor Norman brings many science experiments with physics and chemistry to educate and excite students about science.  There is even a part of the program discussing careers in science.


Sci at Taylor's falls 2016 (5)

A wonderful demonstration of Inertia and Sir Issac Newton’s discovery

Science benefits our everyday life in so many ways such as agriculture, computers, technology and even physical education!   This excellent program gets kids excited aobut science.

sci in st paul 2017

Professor Norman At a School in St. Paul, MN talking about technology and how students can discover careers in science.

Please check the website for how to bring this program to your school, church, cub scout, girl scout or other activity.


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