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Minnesota Magician 5 Star Google Reviews

It is fun to bring magic and comedy to special events across Minnesota. Recently I did a program for All Saints Church in the Northern Suburbs of Minneapolis.  All ages were engaged with the Comedy & Magic Show.  It was fun to see the adults laughing and amazed along with the children.

The Church Director Office manager wrote this nice 5 Star Google Review…

Jacob Flaherty  

“Magic Norm did a great job at our pre-Lent church party! He was entertaining and funny; young and old were enthused! Not only that, he was a personable, easy-to-work-with, kind gentleman, on-time, and with a genuine passion for his trade. HIGHLY recommended!”
It makes me happy to make my clients happy!
ca _1877
You can learn more about this colorful comical magician in Minnesota by checking the website.
Comedy Magicians in Minnesota bring fun to family audiences.  This comedy entertainer has performed in all 50 states and ten other nations.  He brings clean comedy and amazing magic tricks for all ages.


He has brought comedy to hundreds of corporate audiences from 3M to Target and Gargill. laughter brings goodwill and team spirit. Learn more at the website about how this entertainer can brighten you your next party or special event.

He also brings joy to many church events like the one above.  Please check out the website for more information.

Minneapolis  magician  jpg

Clean comedy and magic for special events in Minneapolis and across Minnesota and Wisconsin



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Reading Magic Show for Libraries in Minnesota & Wisconsin

Ready Set Read Magic Poster RM

I am a Minnesota Magician who promotes reading at schools and libraries.

It is fun to travel around and bring this motivational reading program to schools and libraries in Minnesota.   I developed this program over 30 years ago and presented it in schools across the U.S> in all fifty states.

These tours of schools were called lyceums. Other programs on these tours included musicians, archers, athletic experts, jugglers, history programs and exotic animal presentations such as nocturnal animals.  I did over 350 magic shows a year for 14 years.

Some tours were in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia and then the next year I would present in California, Oregon and Washington State.  It was fun to see the country and this was great experience as I tried out new material and built a tight, quality program for schools.

We are set this summer for several libraries in MN and Wisconsin with this magic and Reading presentation.  This Friday I return to an elementary school in Maple Grove to bring laughter and share my love of reading with the children.  E

Every magic trick in the show is about books, reading or how reading helps with hobbies and jobs.   I want to motivate and encourage the students with this lively presentation.  I am a magician and entertainer in Minneapolis and use the magic to motivate.

Here is what several librarians have said about the magical presentation.

  “The show was great – looking forward to next year.” Pat Spencer – Eagle Bluff School – Onalaska, WI (performed here 9 times.)


“MagicNorm performed for the Mabel Public Library summer reading program. It was a very enjoyable experience for the kids and the adults. He included several of the kids as assistants and they absolutely loved the experience. Lots of laughs! Great job! “     Mabel, MN public Library – Children’s Librarian – L. Hoff

This library in Wisconsin had the magic show 5 times over the past 10 years. The librarian commented – –

  “THANK YOU so very much for coming to St Croix Falls Library, we definitely will have you back!”              Cole – Children’s Librarian! St Croix Falls, WI Library

I will be bringing the magic show to southern Minnesota again this summer and one school in Janesville, MN had this to say…

     “Norm incorporated fun and laughter for all ages. We completely enjoyed his performance!! Students and staff left the auditorium talking about the awesome show!! Thank you Norm!!!.”
Sherry Trahms – Elementary Principal, Janesville-Waldorph-Pemberton Elementary School  

Learn more at:

It is fun to bring the magic show to Library Summer Reading Programs.  I am a Minnesota Magician and also a best selling Minnesota Author with 14 books in libraries across the USA and around the world.

Minneapolis  magician  jpg

Clean comedy and magic for special events in Minneapolis and across Minnesota and Wisconsin

I love to do Reading Motivation and get kids excited about going to the library.

  Book cover 4 capstone 611GEuot5JL._SS500_

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Minnesota Magician Entertains in Ukraine

IMG_3602Saxophonist extraordinaire and comedian Slava on left alongside Minneapolis Magician Mr. Norm. To the right is Sasha in purple the comic actor, pick pocket and magician. Mr. Norm performed with these two fun and funny gentleman from Ukraine on his visit there a few months back.

We did 35 family shows in two weeks across the lovely and cool land at schools, community centers, churches and theaters.  I did about 30-405 minutes and these two comic performers did about 20-25 minutes… It was great to entertain alongside these two fun fellows.  In other cities another funny gentleman named Alexey replaces Slava and did the sets.  He was a laugh riot too!

It is fun to see how various audiences responded to the comedy magic shows.  The addition of music, comic skits, dance and pick pocketing by these two really was a splash.

Keynote Speaker at Day Long Conference in Ukraine

Mr Norm also taught along side them at a conference for youth leaders with over 140 in attendance.  These were other entertainers and performers who wanted to sharpen their skills and discover new methods and ideas for performance.  Mr. Norm did 3 classes – one on comedy magic, another on Balloon twisting and skits with balloons. and the other on comedy skit writing and development.

Comedy entertainer – Mr Norm was also the keynote speaker for the day long conference and presented an hour and half workshop that motivated and encouraged the guests to strive for creative skills that they can develop.  This magical comedian also shared many of his ideas on comedy writing and performance techniques.

The way to bring entertainment is to add lots of comedy and that is found in the character and the situations the actor is put into.

Creativity in performance art derives from finding ways to take old ideas and make them new with a twist or change or adaptation.  Creativity is something we all have and the goal is to find ways to develop that creativity and sharpen it.

Magic shows are fun for audiences in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

As a comedy performer it is fun to share the things I have developed over the years that others can add to their acts.  I also like to teach comedy techniques and methods that will help entertainers bring smiles t their audiences and help their presentations become funnier and sharper.

You can bring comedy entertainment to your special events across the Twin Cities with magician Mr. Norm  –


Corporate Parties and family events are a wonderful place to add some comic fun to the meetings and events.  All ages enjoy the unique clean comedy and magic entertainment.


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Minnesota Magician at Taiwan Festival

It was so much fun to bring the comedy magic to many audiences in Taiwan last year..

One day was fill with classes I taught on comedy techniques. Many entertainers from Taiwan came to study comedy techniques. As a Minneapolis Magician, I am invited to perform in lots of fun places.

At one evening party for the performers I did some card tricks and I think the trick actually worked.  In this trick I teach someone how to do a trick and with a wave of their hand the card mysteriously rises and quite often it gets a gasp or a laugh.  Magic is too much fun.

molly pic taiwanail

Then I enjoyed being a part of the Street Festival – sort of like the Renaissance Festival in Minneapolis, only this was downtown in the center of the city in the beautiful park.  The families in the audience laughed and roar their approval.  Here was the party that the mayor of Taipei hosted to celebrate the festival.  I am the guy in the back holding up the cel phone.

taiwan street performers dinner

The guy on the far right is my friend Mr Drew from Thailand. He a very talented juggler and comic.  The two of us did an advance performance two different days at the largest Shopping Mall in the area.

We taught several classes together and then on the right everyone got a certificate for the training received in comedy and magic.

The following photo is my main guide who help with translation and she is also good at selfies and she sent this to me after.

magic in taiwan 73_n

I present clean comedy across the Twin Cities and the Midwest.  Next week includes shows near Forest Lake and as far away as Fargo.

taiwan 2017 first couple days (40)

My Friend Mr Zipper from Thailand as we worked together in Taiwan for City Festival.

taiwan 2nd day 2017 (27)

Goofing off at Balloon store with one of the promoters and my friend in Taiwan.

taiwan 2017 first couple days (37)

We should be a rock band… but we are comedians and jugglers and entertainers.  But if we were a Jazz band it would be so fun as these guys were so fun to hang around with during the five day festival.  Great friends and I wish I could be hanging with them again right now.  The beautiful island of Taiwan is a gem of the Pacific.  Great food, warm people and wonderful beautiful sights.

The fun magician in Minnesota Mr. Norm travels the world bringing smiles to audiences of all ages.

Comedy magic is fun for parties, banquets and special events.  Comic entertainment is fun in Minneapolis, St. Paul and across Minnesota and Wisconsin for festivals and fairs.

Minneapolis Magician – Entertains at parties and family events.

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Magic at National Night Out

AUgust I phone Norm 2018 (356)

Minneapolis Magician brings fun to National Night out in Chaska.

the magician commented, “We did 12 short shows at 8 stops for families. It was so fun to ride on a fire truck and see the smiles on the kids faces as we pulled up.”

AUgust I phone Norm 2018 (368)

Several dads are enjoying the comedy magic in Chaska, Minnesota.

There is so much to be thankful for and I love to make people laugh with the comedy magic tricks. Magic has an element of surprise and that makes it so fun to see the reactions on the children’s faces.  the adults were amazed too!

Enjoy the summer in beautiful Minnesota and if you need to add some entertainment to your next party, banquet or family function please check


It is fun to be a Minnesota Magician and present family entertainment that delights all ages.

Thank you!

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Magic is fun for Families

Magic shows add so much entertainment to family events.

Minnesota Magician – Mr. Norm brings his comedy magic Circus to family events.  Above the two photos on the left are at a county fair last summer in Northern Minnesota that has had Mr. Norm’s various shows for 4 different years.  “The shows are wonderful. The crowds just love the magic.” the fair manager said.  I look forward to returning again.

The photo on the right is in Buffalo, MN for the park and rec family event.  I have been invited back again this summer and look forward to bringing the amazing magic entertainment to the children and parents.

Pilots for Kids Bear 2017


This Amazing Circus Magic show gets them involved and giggling with excitement.

This is a fun magic show for schools, churches, parties and events.  It is fun to hear the laughter – If you need a Minnesota Magician please check the website.  We do various themed magic shows that bring fun to special events.

How can we add life to your party?

It is fun to bring amazing magic shows to county fairs and festivals.

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Students bring a Magic Show to their Parents and Peers

It was fun to bring magic to several students at a community ed after school class. The had three weeks of learning the art of magic and comedy. We covered how to present the magic as well as how to make it funny and entertaining with the theatrical side.
At the end of the final class the students did a magic show for the parents and other after School Kid’s Club students.  It was fun and thMAGICIAN Wabasha 11e students did such a good job making the tricks entertaining and fun for their audience.
The director just wrote this nice note about the Family Comedy Magic show in Minnesota.
“Norm, Thanks a ton for doing that class…….You did an exceptional job.  The poise that those kids had was fantastic.  You definitely put something into those kids that was evident in their performing.  Thanks.”  – Barry Hindt – Community Ed Director
Magic shows in Minnesota are fun and it is neat to see the young magicians ply their trade on a enthusiastic audience.  More at
Please check out how comedy magic can bring fun to yourspecial events in Minneapolis, St. Paul and throughout Minnesota.
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Minnesota Magic Shows are Fun

Wow I can’t get over how much fun it is to present a magic show for the families. the kids faces light up the adults laugh like kids again – it is so fun.

Yesterday I did a High School Lock in and the Co Chair of the event Kim wrote this note after:

“Norm was amazing! We have had him come to our Senior All night Party for the last 3 years and each year it has been very entertaining.”

Wow I love to hear the laughter from the high school kids.

Yet the young ones are a riot too. Yesterday I also performed at the Lake Elmo Library and Judy G. on the Library Board wrote…

“Magic Norm was great at our library reading program. He integrated books into his amazing magic tricks – the kids were so responsive and the adults watching laughed a lot too.”


Mr. Norm is the Original Reading Magic Show in Minnesota. He has promoted reading for over 28 years in schools libraries and at special events.

It is fun to see all ages enjoy magic and comedy in Minneapolis, Lake Elmo and Coon Rapids, MN


Minneapolis Magician Mr. Norm at the Lake Elmo Library this week. Fun for all with an encouragement of reading mixed into the action packed show.

How can I bring fun to your next event?

Learn more here.



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Birthday Party Tips in Minnesota

Birthday Parties are a fun and festive time.  Here are five tips to make your child’s party a super fun event that your child will never forget.

#1 – Pick a Fun Theme.  It could be your child’s favorite sport, cartoon or even story book.  Imagine a Dr. Seuss party with colorful plates and napkins. Or a pony party where you have stuffed pony’s on the tables to decorate.

#2Decorate –  Pick a color theme or go with the general theme. You can go to town and get a lot of fancy things from party stores, or you can decorate with little cost.  Many party stores have balloons on strings for a dollar each so load up and fill the house with movement and color – and each child can take one home.  If it is a circus or zoo party – decorate with pictures of animals taped around the house. if it is a sports party – pictures of sports heroes and actual footballs can add to the decor.

#3 – Dress up! Invite your guests to come in costumes.  This is very fun as kids love to dress up. So make it a princess party or a sports party and invite guests to wear a costume if they like.  I presented a magic show for a fantastic princess party once and the girls all wore ballroom type or Disney princess gowns and it was so cute!  It also made for great photos for the Parent’s Face Book and refrigerator door.  An unforgettable party.

#4 – Invitations. E-mail or hand delivered – either is fine… but you can be very creative in a very short time with fun fonts and clip art found on your computer or on line.  Make it fit the theme. Personalize for your child. Don’t forget the Who, What, Where, When and what theme.  You can put together a very fun invite with a few moments time and use the theme colors and topic in the invites to generate excitement for the big day.  Even put a photo of your child on the invitation and the words, Please come to my race car party on ….

#5 – Invite some extra special entertainment. Might I suggest a magician? Magic shows are a delight and spread laughter and smiles.  In my show I make the birthday child the star of the show. Many of the tricks just won’t work unless the wand is waved by the birthday child… and then presto – a big surprise ending and applause for the star of the party!  Its fun!

  • In my magical birthday party show the theme of your party can be MAGIC – which is cool for decorations and etc.  You can have the kids make their own magic wands as they arrive at the party. Roll some black or bright colored paper and use tape to make the ends.
  • Magic shows also add fun to any themed birthday party. You can have a pony party and I can make a stuffed pony come out of the hat. (after your child waves the magic wand) – This pony makes a memorable gift for the birthday child. If you have a Pirate Party I can make Pirate Treasure magically appear with the help of your child and then your young magician passes out the pirate jewels – such as bead necklaces etc. This naturally works for the princess party or other themes.
  • Magic shows get them laughing at a birthday party and this sets the mood for the entire event. I can set up in living rooms, rec rooms, den or dinning room. Magical entertainment is adaptable and plays well anywhere.

A few recent comments about the Minnesota Magician

“Great entertainer for your party. Cool magic with lots of fun. 
We hired Norm to perform a magic show for our daughter’s 5th birthday. He was such a wonderful entertainer. The show was amazing and fun! The kids, as well as the adults laughed and had great time. Norm also performed balloon twisting for the kids that he offered as an add-on package. The kids all had a blast with lots of fun. The cost was very reasonable. Highly recommended!” Yellow Pages on line review.

“Norm did a show for my granddaughter’s birthday. The kids LOVED it. I mean they couldn’t get enough of it. Highly recommended!” Mike Griffin

“Magic Norm is indeed magic! He managed to successfully entertain and raptly hold the attention of almost 75 third graders today! I highly recommend this guy for your parties!”  G. Feinstein

Google Review – Great Show, Great Family Choice  – “Our committee was searching for a magician for a community, family friendly event. When we spoke to Norm, he was very helpful, courteous and reasonable. At the event, the kids in the audience were very attentive and really got into his magical stories. We are very pleased that we chose MagicNorm and would refer others to him when planning their events. We will call him again!” C. Casey

“What a fantastic guy and an amazing performer! The kids absolutely loved Magic Norm today! He is family friendly, fun and entertaining! You can tell he really enjoys his job! 🙂 I highly recommend calling Norm, he’s MAGIC!”  – Mama G.

“Norm was great at my son’s birthday party. He is very funny and professional. All kids loved the show tremendously, and the parents too. Thanks Norm for giving your magic” – Mariano K.

Bring fun to your Child’s Birthday Party in the Twin Cities.

Norm Leroy Lib 5

Magic shows are fun for parties and events in Minneapolis.


With a wave of the wand she made it disappear. How did she do it?  But wait! – the really big surprise is about to happen. Its fun entertainment for birthday parties.


Magician entertaining at the Delta Pilots Charity event at airport. With special guest star Goldie making some magic happen!!


Well done!  How about a hand for our guest stars!!


I hope you enjoyed these birthday party tips. Have fun planning your child’s special day.

Children museum 2013

Magic show at the Children’s Museum of Minnesota – Performed here 6 times. 








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Magician in Brooklyn Park for Spring Brook Nature Center Spring Fling

Its Spring Fling Time at the Nature Center. We brought two magic shows to the families at this Minnesota Event.

One of the Directors wrote a nice note that just came today:

“Thank you so much for entertaining our 500+ guests at Spring Fling.  We heard nothing but positive comments.  Your fast-paced, lively entertainment was a huge hit!”

Tara Rogness – Interpretive Program Supervisor

Springbrook Nature Center, Brooklyn Park, MN

Spring Lake Nature Center c 2015

Wow it is fun to bring magic for families to events and festivals in Minneapolis area.  Recently at Brooklyn Park’s lovely Springbrook Nature Center for their Spring Fling.  That’s the stage where I brought two comedy magic shows to the families at this special event.

Spiring lake spring fling 2015

It was fun to do walk around magic too!  Here are three of the volunteers watching the pen vanish and re appear.

Comedy Magic brings fun to events and festivals across MN and WI.

It is fun to be a Minnesota Magician. I love to entertain at family events with the unique tricks and the comedy fun. The kids come up and get involved int he show and that is the fun part.  You never know what will happen.  But their reactions to the tricks that they help do is always fun to see for the audience and for me.

When you are planning a party or special event… Please call at the number in my website above.  I would love to be of service.

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