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One magician's life in Minnesota Learn more at:<br>Reading Motivation Magic Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its a school assembly that encourages reading. <br><br><strong>  "Not only did your magic keep the student’s attention for 45 minutes, but your program reinforced the importance and fun of reading.”</strong><br> – <strong>Steven A. Wermund, Principal – G.D. Jones School, Wausau, WI</strong>

Minnesota Magician Back from Performances in England

on June 2, 2014

I had a wonderful time teaching two workshops and performing in the Gala show at a Convention for Magicians in England.  I met many new friends and connected with a few people I knew.

There were 240 attendees at this convention and it was sold out over 8 months ago. I taught the gathered magicians my inventions and magic routines.  My show has many unique tricks and comedy routines and other magicians want to learn my comedy techniques and how I take old magic principles and change them up for modern audiences.

I also presented my award winning act at the Gala show, and many came up after saying that their sides hurt from laughing so much.  – Hey, I’m just doing my job.

One highlight of the trip was a visit to the Tower Circus in Southport, England.  This circus has run for over 125 years in the same location. It is a one ring under an Eiffel Tower type Building.  This was built shortly after the Eiffel tower and it is a spectacular old building. My friend Arthur Pedler took me there. He performed his 10 foot unicycle act all over Europe over the years. I met Arthur 25 years ago on one of his tours to the U.S. He is a delightful fellow and I enjoyed real English tea and meals with the sweet hospitality at the home of Arthur and his wife Val.


The Tower Circus in Southport, England rests at the bottom of this Eiffel style tower.


If you need a comedy magic show in Minneapolis or a family magician in St. Paul, please call.  I also perform all over MN.  Last weekend I was near Brainerd for a High School Performance for the Graduation event. And just before I went to England I entertained a fun group North of Duluth for their High School Prom Lock in.  I also performed at a Resort and a Bat Mitzvah and two Graduations events in Wisconsin two weekends ago.  I love to hear the laughter that magic brings to all ages. High Schools or Business and family shows.



Mookey and his brother are the principal Ringmasters in the wonderful Tower Circus.

The year ahead has 4 more conventions of entertainers that I will teach and perform at.  The other magicians enjoy seeing comedy and they work hard entertaining so on their time off they deserve some laughs too.



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