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Family Entertainment in Minneapolis

In Minnesota there is much fun family entertainment.  As a comedy magician I love to bring the amazing magic tricks to young and old alike.  Adults laugh and say they enjoyed the show more than the kids.  Part of the fun is to see the kids get involved in the magic tricks and then the adults laugh as they enjoy the children’s reactions to the magic.  Santa at Delta

This past Christmas season the magic show once again was presented at the MSP Airport for the Pilots for Kids Program.  The organizer said the show was fantastic. and one pilot said he always looks forward to the magic and that the party would not be the same without me.  That makes me happy.

An entertainer’s main goal is to delight the audience and make them want to see more.

Pilots goldie 2017 aa

The MN Goldie Gopher helped me do three magic tricks for the children.  It was so fun to bring some laughs with this icon of MN Sports.

Pilots for kids pilot in plane 2017

Here the pilots who bring Santa say hi…

But Santa was on his way from the North Pole and everyone is thrilled to see the jolly old elf.

Pilots for Kids Bear 2017

The Twins Bear was there too an and Goldie the U of MN Gopher even helped do three tricks int he show.

Magic Show in Minnesota

Minnesota Children’s Magician entertains all ages


If you need a fun show for your event please call.

I recommend many fun magicians, jugglers, comedians, and musicians for family events at schools, churches and festivals.  Please check our website for more detail on the entertainment for special events.  I can recommend many fun shows that will delight your next family gathering.

Magic brings life to the party.

I was also pleased to return to the Toro company party again this year for the 8th year.  They had face painters, fun party games and of course Santa.  It is fun to see the families get their pictures with Santa at this party.

Pilots for kids 2017 a

Goldie the Gopher delights the kids with his crazy antics.

I brought the amazing comedy magic shows in St. Paul to the Winter Carnival for 9 years and also entertained the families at MenDakota Country Club 5 times for their Winter Carnival.   The St Paul Carnival Vulcans showed up as well as the King and Queen. Kids of all ages enjoy the magic show.  Discover more about Magic shows at


When you need magic shows in St. Paul give a call.  We bring comedy family entertainment to parties in Minneapolis and Bloomington.  Many schools have a family night magician perform for the students and parents.  This brings everyone together for a fun community activity. Here is a link that shares some family night ideas.

Magic show at Minnesota School Family Night

snow 7

A magical snowman adds laughs and surprises to the family friendly magic show.

It is easy to make a quick 10 minute phone consultation.  Lots of people enjoy texting but something like entertainment should be investigated much deeper.  It is good to actually speak to the person who will be entertaining at your event. It is hard to discover the fun personality of your performer if you only text.

The right entertainer will make your next event sparkle and be very memorable.

Your families will enjoy amazing magic tricks and fun comedy in Minneapolis and across Minnesota.


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Minnesota Magician Entertains in Taiwan

It is fun to bring magic to people around the world.  DUring Thanksgiving week I enjoyed doing over 15 shows in Taiwan. I did several shows at the largest Mall in that part of Taiwan along with Mr. Zipper from Thailand. He is a fantastic juggler and very nice guy. Taiwan day 2 more 2017 (30)



Taiwan 2nd day 2017 (14)

This is my hilarious host Jon who arranged to tour and set up all the 50 acts that appeared at the huge festival.  It was like the MN State Fair or Renaissance Festival. Only all clean comedy entertainment. It was so fun and the crowds were huge.  There were actually 6 of us at that table but looks like jst us ate the whole thing!!!!!

Now it is time for good cheer and kindness to all.  I enjoyed doing many Holiday parties and Christmas parties in Minnesota too. I entertain at corporate adult shows, Schools and also the Stillwater  Elks Club.

Taiwan 3rd day 2017 yay (46)

One day we did a full day of classes for local comedy performers and each got a certificate at the end.  Mr. Zipper is the guy from Thailand with the yellow bandana.

Taiwan 3rd day 2017 yay (15)

This is the comedy guy from Thailand named Booo.  He was a hilarious mime and comedian like Red Skelton.  We taught classes all day before the festival.  I taught on on comedy writing and improvisation techniques to add comedy to your act.. 

If you need magic entertainment for your event please call

Your friends will enjoy comedy magic at family and events and company parties.


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Minneapolis Magician in India

It was fun to entertain various audiences across southern India in November.  THe weather was warm and the people were very warm and kind.  We did programs at colleges, High Schools, Elementary and Even a few little ones.

I enjoyed doing 51 shows in 3 weeks. It was tiring but the crowds laughed so much at the comedy and also oohed at the magic tricks and that kept me energized.

INdia nov 192017 (14)

The magic show was very well received and we were given many favorable letters inviting us back again.


INdia nov 192017 (28)

It was fun to do magic and comedy for the younger grades too.

INdia nov 192017 (51)

There are about 250 students up in that balcony too  – they told me about 1400 college students attended this show.  It was a very fun audience and there was deafening laughter at times.

If you need a magic show in Minnesota please call your Minneapolis Magician –

INdia nov 192017 (68)

Here is Solomonraj along with the College’s headmaster and myself and on the right Justin Raj the Famous magician from Chennai. Justin also did some magic and about 10 of my programs it was very fun and I enjoy him so much.  He stayed at my home in MN a year ago and entertained friends here.

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Magic show at Minnesota School Family Night

at Ogilvie ge2

The kids are the stars of this fun Magic show in Minnesota.

This funny show encourages reading and gets kids excited about doing their best in school.  It was the feature of the Parents in Education family night at Oglivie School October 2017.  All ages enjoyed it and the director of the event wrote…

      “I wanted to thank you again for coming to do your show at our school last night. Everyone (both kids and adults) had an AMAZING time!”  – Jen D.   – Parents In Education Director

At Ogl;ivie school 1 ge1

Learn more on how to bring this fun and amazing Magic of Reading show to your school Please check this website…


Magical Comedy grabs their attention and gets them excited about the joy of reading. It is a school assembly program that has appeared in all 50 states over the past 29 years.

This is family entertainment that all ages enjoy.  This fun and funny Minneapolis Magician travels across the state bringing fun to all ages.

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Magic Show for Rochester, MN Soccer Camp Finale

Magic is fun for family events and Autumn Ridge Church had a wonderful turnout of 400 people for their soccer amp finale..   Qutumn 57365 cropUpward 2377Crop 6


Minnesota Magicians bring fun to family events and company parties. Please check the website.


This was a fund raiser also for our orphanage being built in Kenya.  It is excitng to hear the laughter, see the smiles and also raise some funds for a good cause.  How can I help your group’ next meeting be a stand out success?

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Minnesota Magician at School Event

St. Stephen’s School had a large turnout for the special family night with the Magician Mr. Norm.  The kids laughed and participated in the wonder filled special effects and magic tricks.


Throughout the program reading was encouraged. The kids learned aobut how reading helps with hobbies, interests and jobs.

“Thanks so much for the great magic show, the kids loved it. Thank you!”
      –   Christina Johnson –  St. Stephen’s School, Anoka, MN
St Stephens_1_

Magic School at School. The children enjoy watching the comedy magician teach a youngster how to do some fun magic at the school event.


St Stevens N 070_1_

How did that magically appear from behind my ear? She is wondering as the rest of the group is surprised too!  Its Magic entertainment for school audiences.

A while back I was at Northfield Minnesota Schools and here is a quote from a teacher who planned the event…

          “We were visited by Norm the Magician for a school aged program at Northfield Public Schools and the students absolutely enjoyed the show. Norm is very interactive with the students and includes them in on the magic tricks. If you want a show that will entertain your students and staff I highly recommend Norm the Magician.”

Vanessa – Teacher, Northfield Public Schools

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Fund Raiser Magic Show in Minnesota

Magic and fun bring life to events and this program has been invited many times for fund raising events.  This coming weekend we will present the comedy show at a fund raiser in Rochester, MN.

COllege flier 1 web

A few years back a Hospital Auxiliary raised over $10,000 with a diner show featuring the comedy of Mr. Norm. They wrote…

“Thank you for entertaining us at our annual fundraiser. We had lots of compliments and enjoyed the magic.”   Sandy Wagner, Auxiliary President – Gettysburg Medical Center, South Dakota


a Fun confident

Yes we present clean corporate comedy for holiday parties too.

“Your performance was wonderful and fascinating.” Molly Kelly – Administration Manager – AT&T Minneapolis.

Its Comedy Entertainment for company parties and adult functions across Minnesota and Wisconsin since 1978!  Your guests will enjoy the classy, clean comedy for corporate banquets and holiday parties. More at

Please call the office for a free 10 minute consultation.


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Amazing Science Program for Schools in Minnesota

Science is amazing and this fast paced, fun and fascinating school assembly program is perfect for elementary school audiences in Minnesota and Wisconsin.


Professor Norman encourages kids to form a hypothesis before a demonstration in the Amazing Science Assembly Show for Schools

Professor Norman brings many science experiments with physics and chemistry to educate and excite students about science.  There is even a part of the program discussing careers in science.


Sci at Taylor's falls 2016 (5)

A wonderful demonstration of Inertia and Sir Issac Newton’s discovery

Science benefits our everyday life in so many ways such as agriculture, computers, technology and even physical education!   This excellent program gets kids excited aobut science.

sci in st paul 2017

Professor Norman At a School in St. Paul, MN talking about technology and how students can discover careers in science.

Please check the website for how to bring this program to your school, church, cub scout, girl scout or other activity.


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Wayzata Magician Rocks the House for Cub Scout Kick Off

Cub Scouts love magic shows. Wayzata Pack 283 meets at Wayzata Community Church and have fun with a variety of activities. This year’s kick off meeting hosted Comedy magic that got their attention with the amazing tricks and made them laugh. Its fun for all ages.

Parents and Scout leaders commented after the show about the fun they had.

“Norm’s show was great, it was fantastic, it was fast paced. The kids laughed a ton and enjoyed it!”   Pack leader

Wazata cubs 2017

Minneapolis Magician – Mr. Norm brought the big fun show to the families.



Cub scouts love the comedy magic entertainment in Minnesota.


Learn more about Cub Scouts in Wayzata, MN at their website

More about the Magician for Cub Scout Blue & Gold or pack meetings at:

Family Entertainment in Minneapolis for Parties, banquets Weddings, Festivals Halloween Parties and other events brings life to the party.   Please call for a free 5 minute consultation on how we bring Pizzazz to the Party.



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Newspaper Report on Minnesota Magician Dazzling & Delighting Audience

Magic Norm Dazzles, Delights all Ages at Library

By Ryan Anderson

NOrm at Owatonna Library 2017

OWATONNA — A considerable crowd of children got their summer off to a magical start Thursday at the Owatonna Public Library, as “Magic Norm” dazzled those in attendance with his tricks.

“Oohs” and “ahs” emanated from the audience as Norm Barnhart executed a panoply of illusions, including tearing a newspaper apart in front of the group, then somehow reassembling it. He also performed card tricks, taking care to mention “the library card is the most valuable card of all,” and brought up a handful of children throughout the show to assist him in his endeavors.

“Watch, don’t blink, or you’ll miss it,” he told his audience at the start of his funny and high-energy show. “The magic happens very fast.”

He’s “a show all on his own,” said Darla Lager, the children’s librarian. With Barnhart, it’s more than merely magic, it’s “a full performance.”

The article continues — 

His attire alone, a tuxedo, sends the message that his act “is something big,” she added. He also tends to pack the house, and Tuesday was no exception.

Barnhart has performed at the Owatonna Library numerous times, he said. “It’s fun, and I get to promote reading.”

He often dropped in references to books during his set Thursday. He also urged children to make use of their library.

The library steps up programming during the summer, providing opportunities for students while they’re out of school, she said. Barnhart actually performed twice in Steele County Thursday, as he visited the Blooming Prairie library in the afternoon following his morning show in Owatonna.

Barnhart first began toying with magic when he was roughly five “as a hobby, and it somehow turned into a job,” he said. “I love hearing the sound of laughter.”

He maintains a busy schedule, performing at events ranging from company outings and resorts to festivals and holiday parties. He’s also written numerous books on magic.

motivational speak crop nice smile

Mr. Norm & the “I love to Read Magic Show”

It is fun to see the excited crowds who enjoy the magic show. It is fun to be an entertainer and I like to encourage the young readers by doing a show that promotes reading.  Many schools and libraries have enjoyed this program over the years. please check my website. here

Owatonna People’s Press  newspaper has this article about Minnesota Magician at the Library.

Read it on line at the People Press by clicking the link below

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